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One thing that is not warranted is the hatred for Nortel.  Yes, a lot of people lost a lot on NT stock when dot-com burst and again after the accounting scandal led by the criminal Frank Dunn.  But the unrepentant hatred for all things Nortel is simply uncalled for.  One need only peruse the comments on the CBC story about this week’s earnings release to get an idea of the enmity that many have for Nortel.

Many wish nothing but harm on Nortel.  But it is also prudent to remember that Nortel is made up of people, the vast majority of which are moral, ethical and have done nothing to harm anyone.  There is a small number of key people, in executive leadership, both past and present, that have brought most of the problems but this should not reflect on Nortel as a whole.  Unfortunately, power tends to accumulate in the hands of the corrupt.

Nortel employees are for the most part, hard working people who have done nothing to deserve the stigma that many attach to them.  They have families, dreams and worries just like any other person. So, when you see a Nortel employee, don’t scowl, don’t look down upon them but instead smile and maybe give them a hug and let them know they aren’t alone.

Written by Desk Jockey

November 13, 2008 at 11:14 pm

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