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mikez2Mike Z’s long-awaited GIS was this morning.  Despite the initial negativity towards it, there is an oddly comforting feeling after hearing it.  Not comfort in that all our troubles are over, but rather that it is now obvious that leadership understands the crisis as we do.  While there was the usual talk of “turnaround” and so forth, there was a conspicous absense of the propoganda that many had come to despise.

Some key phrases used were things like “hope”, as in, “we have to hope…” Though these sound like futile words, they are not.  They are the truth.  Sometimes, when you have given all you’ve got, hope is all that remains.  So, we remain hopeful, despite the odds and despite those that hate Nortel and cheer its downfall.

Though Nortel’s past woes have been pointed out, many remain loyal to the company, and for good reason. Nortel has a 100+ year legacy of historical acheivements and it would be absurd to let this go away because of a few corrupt but powerful past leaders.  

We will continue to work our hardest until the very end.


Written by Desk Jockey

November 18, 2008 at 6:42 pm

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