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In recent days, there have been a rash of comments attacking me personally for the view points I’ve held. Despite their vitriolic and hateful tone, some of these comments have presented valid concerns. One in particular was that I was not completely clear on who I represent.

So, to clarify: The view points on this site reflect those of myself and the others who help me write in this blog and help maintain the site. No one else. In particular, views presented here do not reflect those of Nortel or of its employees as a whole. This information has been on my About page but I wanted to clarify it here, to appease the reasonable detractors. (There is still another class of detractors that will continue to hate me no matter what and there is little I can do about this)

But there is a bigger concern.

Those of you who read the articles here will know that freedom of speech and freedom of thought are the two most important issues at stake. I have made these a priority. But it has been getting harder in recent times to adhere to these principles because of the consequences that I must face for being truthful.

Lately, the hateful comments have gone from inane to potentially destructive. Recent comments have accused me of leaking trade secrets in order to aid competitors and bring down Nortel and personally profit from the whole affair. I have done no such thing and would not even think of undertaking such criminal actions, especially against a company that I am loyal to.

More insidious comments have vaguely threatened physical violence against me, by suggesting that bad men were out to get me and that they were “looking for [me]”

Let me give a short history, if you will. My grandparents came to this country to escape a tyrannical regime bent on maintaining control through brutal repression. Expressing your opinion could get you locked up, or worse. When they arrived here, they instantly saw the opportunity available in this country.

This opportunity was not just the availability of jobs and the entrepreneurial spirit, but was more fundamentally rooted in the freedom of thought and freedom of speech. I firmly believe these are the things that have made this country great.

My grandparents, through their hard work, instilled these principles in my parents and by extension, myself as well.

But yet I am finding it hard to stay true to these principles when I have to worry about threats. I do not wish to upset anyone and have always said that people are free to disagree with me. But lately it seems that many have taken this to mean that they are allowed to launch bitter personal attacks and use heavy handed techniques to bend me to their will. Frankly, this is taking a toll on me.

I will try my best to continue on for the time being but may have to take a break from it all. I know that this is exactly the result my detractors seek to accomplish, but please remember that I have a family to look after, not just myself.

Thank you all for your feedback, both good and bad, and remember to stay true to yourself.


Written by Desk Jockey

February 6, 2009 at 1:07 am

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  1. Desk Jockey,

    Mind you I do not speak for everyone when I say this as you have been bashed and I don’t want to be. I truly enjoy all of your post. There are people on this site that have said you are hurting moral I beg to differ with that comment. Working for Nortel for as long as I have and then having all this crap thrown at us from our company is what brings down moral. For me your site and the movies that you do (BTW please keep making those they are so funny) is what gets me through the day. Yes it is sad that we are where we are and yes we will get out of this mess b/c “I Beleive” but until that time we do need something to laugh at and this sight helps to at least boost my moral for the five or so min that I spend on it. So keep doing what you are doing and thank you for the small amount of JOY that you bring to my day.

    Your Mom

    February 6, 2009 at 11:25 am

  2. Based on this post I have determined that you either are, or are related to, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. How else can you explain this post, which is either a joke or a bad attempt to create pity for your situation.

    It is ironic that someone who has been willing to be so loudly critical and opinionated about Nortel executives (a position which is shared by many of your readers) can still have such a hard time absorbing contrary thoughts.

    Criticism of your choice for how to show your concern about Nortel management is not “hatred”. Disagreement with your opinions is not “personal attacks”.

    As much as you accuse Nortel execs of propaganda and twisting the truth, you are doing it in this post. You say you’ve been accused of “leaking trade secrets” when in reality people have commented that you continue to leak internal emails (which you have).

    And this comment is just ridiculous: “More insidious comments have vaguely threatened physical violence against me, by suggesting that bad men were out to get me and that they were ‘looking for [me]'”

    Please…physical violence? The actual comment was this:

    I dont know how you do it. How do you continue to be employed? I am sure if they ever figure out who you are… anyway, I am sure you dont care. If I ever found out one of my employees was blogging and hurting the company image and publishing internal company emails, statements and strategies… horrible. I hear they are looking for you.

    Where is the threat of physical violence in the above? Obviously this is a reference to someone in Nortel IT or corporate trying to determine your identity.

    You have many supporters among your readers, but instead of continuing to argue about how wrong your detractors are, you need to look in the mirror and realize that you are being more hateful than any of your reader comments.

    And if you truly do feel as you stated in this post, then I wish you the best and suggest you do stop blogging because you obviously don’t have the constitution for criticism that blogging requires.

    They're after you

    February 6, 2009 at 1:34 pm

  3. I like what you have expressed about Nortel since this is exactly how we feel about Nortel management. Nortel’s major creditors should demand to fire all those incompetent executives (who are overpaid to do their jobs).

    There are way too many Chiefs and not enough Indians to do the jobs. Some director levels are just there to participate in meetings to report status. For this kind of jobs, they are way overpaid. Right now, Nortel needs a “lean and mean” operatioin.

    Many departments just used the trick to fool the exectuives by moving the IC4/IC5/IC6 to be under another IC6 to make the manager-to-staff ratio look better.


    February 6, 2009 at 3:34 pm

  4. ‘They’re after you’ – You can try to manipulate or threaten DJ but that does not take the truth away. Let’s check the execs track record:
    They have shutdown most of the manufacturing,
    They laid off thousands of employees and more to come with no severance,
    Nortel lost huge market shares and we are far from being #1 in any business,
    They dragged NT stock close to ZERO,
    Oh, and I almost forgot, they filed for Bankruptcy protection!

    Very impressive don’t you agree? Their mistake is not for failing miserably but for trying to justify it. Of course they will never admit it since their reputation is on the line and they have a salary to justify.

    And, please spare us the excuse that this is due to extreme external economic conditions. In this case, your average Execs with bankruptcy protection plans are no match. For such a difficult situation it is going to take extraordinary brilliant Managers to get us out. And by the way, how come none of our competitors are in this mess?

    Unfortunately, you cannot ask us to ‘believe’ in the Mgmt and their strategy because they lost their credibility long time ago. For now, my strategy is to keep giving my best and I am sure DJ and many others are doing the same.

    You can argue against any criticism but the results speak for themselves. The Canadians, Americans and shareholders cannot be fooled and Nortel is due for a true shake up. Good Luck!


    February 6, 2009 at 6:36 pm

  5. SharpEyes, thanks for the defense.

    I predicted that my opposition would try to silence me but I did not know how it would occur. But it has happened.

    This time the detractors have tried to defame me by claiming that I am guilty of the same crimes that Governor Blagojevich has carried out. This includes corruption for personal gain and suppression of the free press. I have done no such things.

    But the detractors have not targeted me personally. Instead I am a bystander victim to draw attention away from the true criminals here, the ones who ARE truly comparable to Governor Blagojevich. I am referring to the current executive management.

    They have, through their doublespeak and lies, attempted to deceive employees and distort the truth for personal gain. This has been well documented by the memo from the Recently Severed Canadian Nortel Employees, which shows the true extent of their malice. However, they will likely not be prosecuted successfully for their offenses, due to devious weasel wording and skilled PR people/lawyers.

    My detractors again demonstrate their skill in doublethink, another skill that upper management has become so good at. By claiming that I am guilty of the same crimes that the executive team has perpetrated, they seek to divert attention and cover up the real issues.

    Desk Jockey

    February 6, 2009 at 6:52 pm

  6. One other point SharpEyes made: About employees giving their best. This is again true with the vast majority of employees.

    I for one continue to work hard. In fact I am even more committed to my job at Nortel now than ever, because I care for Nortel.

    This is because I see my fellow coworkers doing the same and do not wish to let them down. These are the people who truly represent Nortel, NOT the devious miscreants of upper management, who have consistently destroyed Nortel’s reputation. Remember this when you think of Nortel!

    Desk Jockey

    February 6, 2009 at 6:56 pm

  7. Ignore those that want to shut you up and leave them to themselves: they’ll soon tire of salivating over z-mails and numbing their minds with z-ism.

    Let your blog speak for itself; its truth may pierce the darkness and do much good.

    Reality Strikes

    February 6, 2009 at 7:57 pm

  8. DJ,
    Shooting the messenger is all that this is. It is not your fault there is a greedy, incompetent, management structure at NT . Add an inept CEO , BoD, and poor strategy decisions for over a decade, and theres not gonna be alot of GOOD NEWS to report.
    Oh , did I mention , abuse of power ( corporate Jets, terminated severances) and outright deception
    I am sure that we all want there to be good news , but there just isnt any real ( non spin) good news out there
    keep up the real reporting


    February 6, 2009 at 11:01 pm

  9. Hi DJ,
    I was reading an article earlier today about companies that have never had to resort to lay offs. One was AFLAC, their President and COO, Paul Amos, was quoted, “If you take care of your employees, the employees will take care of the business.” It seems almost too simple and yet the upper crust of NT management seems unable (or unwilling) to understand this. It is a slight modification of “The Golden Rule,” something we all learned as children, and the best philosophy I have ever found to live my life.

    I by no means want to put words in your, or anyone else’s month, but I think where some people are having issues, is separating the “NORTEL” (the concept/image) from “Nortel”(the management). I feel unquestioning loyalty to NORTEL. By that I mean my CUSTOMERS first and for most, the wonderful coworkers that I work with on a daily basis, my immediate supervisors. I have and continue to do anything asked of me by my customers, coworkers, and managers to ensure they receive the same quality of work from me that they received last week, last month, last year. As far as they are concerned, nothing has changed. I have worked hard for NORTEL since the day I started and will continue to do so until I retire, they ask me to leave or we close the doors for good.

    “Nortel,” with the BoD and upper management so far away from where the rest of us are “in the trenches,” I feel no obligation to them. I see ZMails come across my inbox and I roll my eyes. It is so patronizing when they tell us that they “know” or “understand” our “anxiety.” No, they don’t and honestly none of their actions give me any reason to think that they even care. Do I believe it was a “difficult decision” for them? Yes, but not for the reasons they gave. I think the higher up one becomes in most corporations, the more you see hedonistic and narcissistic personalities emerge. It may be the drive to get a head creates these traits, or perhaps it is these traits are what helps them get up the chain, I don’t know but I don’t think it is strictly a Nortel problem. Just look at the financial industry.

    I enjoy reading your posts and all the comments, no matter what side they represent. I think you have sparked an impromptu support group, NA – Nortel Anonymous, allowing a dialogue for others in the same sinking life boat. That being said you must do what you feel is right for you and your family.

    Silence Speaks

    February 7, 2009 at 5:23 am

  10. So DJ, what are they going to do if “they” find you ? Kick you to the curb without severence ? Not allow you to get a lump sum for your Pension ? Cut off your insurance ? Oh wait …. A epiphany !!!! That is what is going to happen to several thousand in the next few weeks/months anyway. Just keep on keeping on.


    February 7, 2009 at 9:17 am

  11. Dear Desk Jockey:

    I’m sorry to hear people are threatening you. What gives them the right!!! Not acceptable. You’ve been true to yourself, your opinions and nothing derogatory has been said here. These have been factual, sad reality, but truths none the less.

    There are people out there with small minds and small things to amuse themselves with so I guess they say stupid things. What is that saying “stupid is as stupid does?”

    I enjoy your blog, its says how many of us here feel. Thank you for putting them out there. It perhaps is too, a little therapeutic in a way. I laugh at the videos – they are priceless.

    It doesn’t change the mess we’re in here at all but the reading is interesting.

    Try to ignore the small minds 🙂


    February 9, 2009 at 11:43 am

  12. Dear ‘They’re after you’

    Based on your post, I have determined that you either are, or are related to a member of the Nortel Execs or the BoD. How else can you explain that you have missed the point of all these videos.

    Keep on posting Desk Jockey!


    February 10, 2009 at 10:40 am

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