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Richard Lowe: The Patronizer

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pretentiousRichard Lowe, President of Carrier Networks recently sent an email to all the employees under him in an attempt to demonstrate the same openness and transparency that Mike Z has: Link to All About Nortel article with the full text of the letter.

Let’s have a quick analysis of the contents:

The past several weeks have been the most challenging of my career, and no doubt they feel the same for many of you. While things are difficult from where I stand, I know that in many ways they are even more difficult for you and your families, and I thank you for hanging in there and continuing to fight this difficult battle together.

Translation: My bonus won’t be as big for 2008 so I’ll have to defer some spending, like a new beach house or something. Things must be way worse for you guys! To those we didn’t terminate: Thanks for sticking around and remember that we’ll fire you if we find you looking for an opportunity elsewhere.

I’ve now spoken with virtually all our tier one customers, and most of our tier two and three customers, and they are universally supportive of Nortel and the steps we’re taking.

Translation: Please don’t read the Q4 and Year End results due out on monday as they will reveal the full extent of our lies.

Despite our disappointment with Verizon’s phase 4 announcement, our LTE solution has gained traction with KDDI and TMO International. We must shake off any disappointment and focus on meeting our LTE program and trial milestones while we continue to explore partnership options for our LTE solution.

Translation: Please ignore the utter abject failures of upper management in destroying Nortel’s credibility and continue to work hard so that we executives can continue to extract every last penny, nickel and dime from this company.

Incentive programs like those announced today are aligned to both our creditor’s goals to quickly and cost effectively restructure the business, and our own to ensure that employees are encouraged to drive forward in the face of an extremely difficult environment.

Translation: Yay! KEIP will help make up for my bonus short fall this year! Guess things won’t be that bad for me after all!

I’d like to thank everyone that is being impacted for their many contributions to the company, and for the sacrifices they’ve made on Nortel’s behalf. I ask the rest of you to be supportive of these individuals at this difficult time and at the same time to remain focused on our business priorities as these changes take place, so that one day we can perhaps welcome our co-workers back to a revitalized and growing Nortel – one that the rest of us are tasked with recreating.

Translation: If you don’t continue to work blindly hard for us, you’re doing a great disservice to those terminated without severance! Yes, that makes perfect sense!

How this man can continue to lead is beyond me. This corporate shill ignorantly assumes that those betrayed and mistreated employees who were terminated without severance will be begging and crawling to rejoin Nortel CN under his leadership should any opportunity arise. He acts as if these people cannot live without Nortel and that Nortel is life for them. Furthermore, he even suggests that those remaining workers are wholly responsible for whether their laid off counterparts are given a chance to return! Yet another example of management shoveling the blame onto the rank and file.

Such behavior is more outrageous than any Youtube video someone could come up with!


Written by Desk Jockey

February 27, 2009 at 8:08 pm

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  1. […] the executive achieve their goals by laying off more employees! So, while they harp on about how much they “understand your pain” in reality they will benefit from it! Furthermore, milestone 3 is nothing more than a token goal […]

  2. LTE at Nortel is Dead, Pushing up Daisies, TU, gone, finished, passed, departed… LTE is an upgrade market, you only get to sell it to people that bought your previous equipment. This limits Nortel to its current market share of CDMA, about 25%. CDMA equipment is about 20% of world wireless infra market. So Nortel’s potential share before this loss was 5% (25% of 20%). Now that they have lost about 10% of their 25% share, their maximum market share is 3%. Who survives on 3% market share?????

    kram n

    March 1, 2009 at 12:01 pm

  3. […] are some interesting points though. I’ve written about Mr. Lowe and his half hearted attempts to motivate employees by invoking pity for the very employees he himself laid … but it appears Mr. Hackney can join him in the hall of shame as well with the awful performance he […]

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