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Letter from Robert L. Kenas urging the court not to grant executive bonuses

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Robert L. Kenas was a loyal and hardworking Nortel employees who received a severance package in December only to be betrayed by Mike Z and the rest of the executives when they prematurely filed for Ch.11 in order to ensure they could profit off the downfall of Nortel.

A few days ago he wrote an impassioned letter to the court urging them not to reward incompetence, greed and downright unethical behavior. Please read it.

The letter clearly outlines in plain language the hardships that have been forced upon the rank and file. It also clearly outlines the malicious and deviant behavior of upper management in their attempts to obtain as much money from the carcass of Nortel as possible, all while mistreating, lying and defrauding loyal employees. (See their latest attempt to defraud laid off employees by trying to trick them into signing away their right to go to court for severance!)

Unfortunately as is so often the case in society nowadays the court ignored his message and decided to go with the big guys. In retrospect he had little chance of imparting any influence thanks to the high priced lawyers the executives hired using company money in order to argue their case.

Nonetheless, I stand and I applaud you Mr. Kenas. You’ve said exactly what is on the mind of so many neglected and abused employees and even though the court may have ignored you, there are many out there who have not.

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March 20, 2009 at 8:08 pm

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  1. I follow your blog for quite a long time and must tell you that your posts are always valuable to readers.

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